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19-20-002 Substitute Custodian (10168)

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Title19-20-002 Substitute Custodian
Posting ID10168

On Call Substitute Position


Salary Schedule:  SEIU 12 Salary Schedule at


Position Summary:

In the absence of the regular employee, the Substitute Custodian is responsible for assisting with the security, maintenance, and care of district facilities so as to provide students with an attractive and safe environment in which to learn.  


Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Must be 18 years of age or older 
  • Experience and/or training with cultural, ethnic, and language diversity preferred 
  • Successful Washington State Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation Fingerprint Clearance
  • Proof of Immunization (if born 1/1/57 or later)
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility in compliance with the Immigrations Reform and Control Act
  • Completion of all district-required training thirty (30) calendar days from hire date


If you wish to be considered for permanent employment, you must upload one of the following documents to your application and apply for a permanent position:

  • high school diploma OR
  • high school transcript with graduation date OR
  • proof of GED


Essential Job Functions: 

This list of essential job functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.  Depending upon individual assignment, the employee may perform all or a combination of several of the following duties:

  • Assume responsibility for security of the facility
  • Vacuum and clean carpets properly including sweeping edges and keep free from spots and snags
  • Dust mop, spot mop, and wax floors properly and clean mop boards
  • Clean and repair walls, woodwork, and ceilings and keep free of smudges, writing, dust, etc.
  • Clean window glass and ledges, individual room sinks, and gymnasium/multi-purpose room floors and bleachers
  • Clean light fixtures and exit lights and replace burned out bulbs
  • Clean, empty, and keep in good repair furniture, chalk trays, receptacles, pencil sharpeners, and soap and towel dispensers
  • Clean window drapes/blinds and keep free of stains and in good working order
  • Clean restroom porcelain, mirrors, walls, vents, floors, stalls, dispensers, and chrome and keep free of objectionable odors
  • Clean locker room shower area fixtures, dispensers, mirrors, porcelain, floors, lockers, benches, tile, drains, and vents
  • Clean kitchen floors, walls, and garbage cans
  • Keep hardware including panic bars, hinges, door closures, etc. in good working order
  • Keep heat units and exhaust fans free of dirt and clean or replace filters
  • Clean boiler room and keep orderly and free of combustible materials
  • Keep electrical panel access clear and clean entrance ways and keep free of debris
  • Clean custodial equipment and keep in good repair
  • Troubleshoot and report maintenance needs of maintenance items (boilers, heating units, exhaust fans, electrical, etc)
  • Replace flushometers, washers, and handles on urinals, toilets, and sinks as needed to keep in good working order
  • Snake out and unclog urinals, toilets, and sinks as needed to keep in good working order
  • Clean windows and keep in good repair and patch broken windows
  • Keep gates and equipment in good working order
  • Perform monthly check of emergency battery packs and documents
  • Perform paint repair for items because of graffiti, wall patching, etc.
  • Keep storerooms clean and orderly
  • Keep route schedules up-to-date
  • Keep fire extinguishers tagged, initialed, and in proper charge status
  • Keep outside building grounds, windows, walls, and doors cleaned and in good repair
  • Make recommendations regarding supplies, tools, and equipment to head/lead custodian
  • Promote the safety, health, and comfort of students and staff
  • Awareness of all emergency procedures for water shut off, gas, earthquake, lockdown, electrical, fire, etc.
  • Awareness of Material Safety Datasheet book’s location and procedures
  • Mix essential chemicals and use solution centers
  • Accommodate facility user groups
  • Keep storerooms clean and orderly
  • Maintain updated knowledge of school policies and procedures that affect this position
  • Maintain consistent presence at assigned worksite and regular work hours
  • Professionally interact with students, staff, and public
  • Comply with all district policies and procedures
  • Perform related duties as assigned


Desired Skills: 

  • Ability to swim a minimum of 25 yards
  • Ability to seek out work needing completion 
  • Ability to keep conversations to a minimum so work assigned is completed on a daily basis
  • Ability to follow written and oral directions in English
  • Ability to work safely, independently, and with sound judgment
  • Ability to get along with students and adults
  • Ability to comfortably and safely lift a minimum of 40 pounds
  • Ability to operate required equipment (floor scrubber, extractor, vacuum, blower, pressure washer, burnisher, auto scrubber, genie lift, wet vacuum, etc)
  • Ability to lift and lower cafeteria tables without assistance
  • Ability to interpret, understand, and apply written labels, charts, and graphs to follow safety rules and regulations
  • Ability to shift priorities without advance notice
  • Ability to follow oral and written directions
  • Ability to work safely, independently, and with sound judgment
  • Ability to prepare and maintain accurate records
  • Ability to function as a member of a team to complete work activities
  • Ability to work with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to comfortably and safely lift, move, or carry objects in excess of forty (40) pounds
  • Ability to communicate effectively using district email system
  • Ability to read, write, and communicate effectively to perform job
  • Demonstrated excellent work and attendance records
  • Demonstrated aptitude for successful fulfillment of assigned duties
  • Demonstrated knowledge in basic techniques of electrical, carpentry, and grounds maintenance
  • Knowledge to properly mix essential chemicals and use solution centers
  • Knowledge of materials and tools and ability to operate equipment to perform job
  • Skills in good written and oral communication
  • Skills in basic reading and writing at 12th-grade level


Work Environment: 

The employee will work in a school environment that will include working indoors and outdoors in inclement weather.  The employee may experience frequent interruptions and exposure to chemicals, asbestos, and cleaning solvents and their fumes.  Employee will be required to comfortably lift a minimum of 40 pounds, climb ladders and stairs, reach, bend, squat, and push and pull equipment.  Employee must operate equipment in a safe manner and use district provided safety equipment.  Employee must adhere to district and Labor and Industries safety programs.  Employee must maintain continual safety awareness for self and others and wear appropriate clothing with regards to safety and working in a school setting.  This list of working conditions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary as related to the job.



The subsitute shall be evaluated periodically by the Custodial Manager or assigns pursuant to the currently established district procedures and evaluation criteria. 

Shift TypeSubstitute
Salary Range$23.00 - $23.00 / Per Hour
LocationCustodial Services

Applications Accepted

Start Date08/01/2019
End Date07/31/2020

Job Contact

NameBecky HegrTitleSubstitute Placement Secretary